Komodo National Park

Located in the strait of the same name at the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Banda Sea. The Komodo National Park features one of the world’s richest and most diverse marine environments—thanks to the overflowing currents in the area.

Also renowned as the home of the famous Komodo Dragon, it is certainly one of the best liveaboard scuba diving destination that you can find on the planet.

In the north, you will find a collection of the world’s most beautiful varieties of reefs, boasting a rich combination of hard and soft corals, shoals of antheas, wrasses, angelfishes, and also predators—reef sharks, tunas, and giant kingfishes. In the south, you will see more soft corals with amazing profusion of colors, and even more macro (and manta rays too!).

Komodo Liveaboard Holidays

Dolphins are a common sight in the seas between Komodo and Flores and the area is also on a whale migration route. The reefs offer good snorkelling and some of the best diving in Indonesia. Buffalo, deer, wild pigs and birdlife are plentiful but the most remarkable attraction on Komodo is its endangered monitor lizards, the Komodo dragons: an average adult can measure up to 3 meters long and weigh 136 kilograms but, despite its size, can move quickly on the ground and is an agile swimmer and climber.

Their heads are large and their long, forked tongue is used to sense the air, following the scent of prey which consists of wild pigs, deer, water buffalo, dogs, goats, rats, snakes, birds, and other monitors.

9 Day Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 – Gili Islands
Komodo dive boat chartersStart of the charter boat trip from the Gili Islands – We welcome you onboard and enjoy a refreshing drink together, meet the crew and fellow guests. We will be setting up the dive equipment and checking you into your cabins. Calico Jack will set sail at sunset as we enjoy our first dinner on board together. Travelling overnight…

Day 2 – Moyo & Satonda
Arriving in south Moyo in the morning for a check dive on a pristine shallow Shipwreck. We then sail through the day to the island of Satonda for an afternoon dive, a swim in the volcanic salt water lake and a sunset montage when the sky fills with millions of Fruit Bats. This is something really quite special to see. Travelling overnight.

Day 3 – Sangean & Banta
In the early morning we arrive to sunrise at Gunung Api Sangean, the 2000m active Volcano on the north east of Sumbawa, after breakfast we dive at the amazing Bubble Reef, a delight for Macro enthusiasts and photographers. Then sailing down to Gili Banta, where we do the second dive of the day at GPS Point, a current swept sea mound. Upon return we head for the seas of Komodo where we will be arriving just in time for a sunset hill climb, a cold beer and a fish BBQ…

Day 4 – World Class Diving
A three dive program will be tailored around the currents that make the waters of Komodo a Mecca for all diving enthusiasts… With over 1000 fish species and 300 different corals we will explore the sites around Gili Lawa Laut, dive The Cauldron, Crystal Rock and the world famous pinnacle Castle Rock… Finish the day with an incredible sunset panorama atop the highest peak in the park and sleep under the star filled sky…

Day 5 – Ultimate Underwater Formations
Two amazing dives around the small Islands that make up the Komodo World Heritage Site, explore beauties such as Batu Bolong, Tatawa Kecil, The Golden Passage or Mauan. Enjoy lunch and await the arrival of the intrepid population of Manta Rays that inhabit the reefs of Karang Makassar… Snorkel and dive with the most graceful creatures the park has to offer before we set sail south, to the traditional village of Komodo…

Day 6 – Walking With Dragons
In the early morning we will be entering the Komodo National Park. Escorted by a local Ranger in search of the fabled beast, The Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard on the planet. This is the only place in the world you can see them in their natural habitat and enjoy the fascinating panorama of the island. We will follow up with two dives perhaps exploring the incredible Batu Tiga or underwater seascapes of Loh Namu and Loh Liang before anchoring for the night in the bays of Gili Lawa Darat

Day 7 – Banta & Sangean
After an early morning departure we arrive once again at Gili Banta to dive the famed walls of Banta, rich coral species and Pelagics thrive in the Sape Straight, the largest passage between land masses in Nusa Tengara. Travelling through the day to Sangean for an afternoon dive at Space Invaders and a short land visit to see how Kira Kira was traditionally built.

Day 8 – Moyo
Anchoring for the day at Labuan Haji gives us the chance to conclude this diving extravaganza with two incredible dives amongst the walls and pinnacles of north east Moyo, whilst underwater we will be preparing for a fish supper on the sands. An afternoon trek to the local waterfalls allow us to bathe in the cool, clear waters that flow from the peaks before the beach is lit by BBQ, we will join with the local villagers and toast the catch of the day… We sail overnight back to the Gili Islands.

Day 9 – Gili Trawangan
End of the trip – Disembarking on Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air or Lombok (Teluk Nara/Kodek)in the morning. Final farewells, exchange of photos and memories that will last a lifetime.